We work with like-minded partners in selected regions to enable high impact and short-medium term results through the implementation of our Delivering Change Programme. In doing so, we rely on the knowledge, skills and resources available in the areas which can lead to Government and Economic Transformation of the region. By combining our regional experience with a thematic focus on cutting-edge issues we aim to be a learning organisation capable of facilitating and supporting sustainable implementation plans for delivering socio-economic transformation.


Our engagement is based on the values of participation, consensus, accountability & transparency, response, equitability & inclusiveness, efficiency & simplicity and the rule of law. All these values are based and guided by the thought of “RETURN ON RESPECT”. These pillars together form the Sakal’s Value Model, better known as “Sakal Trinity 7” model, where all projects identified are scrutinized first for their social impact and then the manner of implementation. Once the project’s positive impact on society is determined, the implementation will have to engage and connect with the stakeholders and be based on inclusive participation and consensus of all involved.


Sustained social and economic transformation is always the result of a collaborative effort from every section of the society. Hence, we work closely with like-minded partners to facilitate and track the implementation of developmental projects which would solve the issues of all stakeholders.

Building Capacities for Engagement

The foundation caters to the local needs and requests which guide our engagement in selected regions. Through Sakal Media Group, as the largest independently owned media business in Maharashtra, we are able to connect with the issues that society faces. Receptive to all stakeholder’s needs and interests, SMG believes that the new role of the media has to move from being an advocate and promoter of causes to that of being an initiator, facilitator and an agent for transformation. In this, we offer our knowledge, skills and resources as a platform to spread the objective of “Delivering Change Programme”.

Supporting Sustained Community Networks

Transformation is a learning process which neither has linear blueprints, nor quick fixes. Sustained transformation of Society and Economic can be addressed through systemic root causes, as well as “proxy” causes that emerge from ignoring the need of involving rural and urban communities. Deconstructing social and economic failures depends upon engaging people and giving them a voice. Providing effective support towards this, Sakal Media Group, through their community women’s network “Tanishka”, has encouraged thousands of women across Maharashtra to come together for a cause, speak up and become a deliverer of Change.

Transforming Human Capital

Socio-economic transformation is a learning process, but it is also learning by doing. Reflective learning enables, especially young stakeholders, to critically reassess their roles and policies. It is, at the same time, essential to develop and improve our work. Therefore, we use the Sakal International Learning Centre, to transform & create human capital, through experts and partners in the field of education.