Delivering Maharashtra – A campaign for Development

This is an appeal to Maharashtra. An appeal to every single individual in Maharashtra. To decide the direction of his/her progress, development, to solve problems and to participate in the process of finding solutions. Sakal Media Group is offering a unique platform to highlight Maharashtra’s problems and developmental issues and to organise debates to seek solutions.
This platform will be purely apolitical, even though workers of all political parties will be brought together on the same stage. Starting tomorrow, we are launching a campaign to bring together the people of Maharashtra, experts from various fields and leaders of various political parties to understand and solve pending problems. As a first step, we would like to know the various problems in the state from the people themselves.
In the recent past, the Sakal Media Group has proved the benefits of bringing together common people, the government and experts. For instance, Pune Bus Day which sought a permanent solution to Pune’s transport problems was a big success due to the cooperation extended by all Puneites. Due to the deep faith that the common people and the Sakal Media Group have in each other, the people participation in our various projects has always been high.
After Pune Bus Day, these ties were strengthened. Following that initiative, our group organised a water conference to seek solutions to the state’s water crisis, launched the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum to empower women and more recently started the ‘TandurustBandobast’ initiative to provide nutritious diet to the police force. These initiatives have strengthened the people’s faith in Sakal Media Group. As a step forward, we are launching ‘the initiative, Maharashtra’s Expectations’ to understand Maharashtra’s developmental issues and to find solutions for them.
As a constituent who is interested in the welfare and comprehensive development of Maharashtra, we feel that politics, ego clashes and temporary benefits should be forsaken in favour of solutions. Sakal Media Group has decided to take the initiative in this regard. Any developing society has its own problems and difficulties. What is important is how we tackle these issues. Do we plan to address these issues in totality or find only temporary solutions? To usher in long term development, it is important to go beyond temporary disputes, debate these issues threadbare and find solutions.
Whether, projects are private or public in nature, the fact remains that some projects do get held up for various reasons. In some cases, the people in government could be responsible. In other cases, there could be shortcomings within the system and in some others, there could be a lack of proper process.
Despite all this, the common perception among citizens is that no work gets done at the government level. In our opinion, there is a need to look beyond politics, when it comes to projects benefiting the common people. Proposals related to projects and schemes benefiting common people have to be approved quickly.